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Applications :

Communications and access to information is critical in any emergency situation. Response teams and their command centers need to be in constant communication regardless of location or access to traditional communications support. Their equipment must work in the worst situations, and be easy to configure, maintain and transport. It should also support any required applications (including voice, video and data), to cope with various situations.

MIC Prof provides high-speed IP communication via satellite that is completely independent from terrestrial infrastructure. First response, medical or any emergency team can have full communication capability—whether the emergency is in a denselypopulated urban area where the infrastructure is damaged, or a remote and isolated location where no infrastructure exists. Our costeffective solutions are easy to transport, configure and manage .


Voice :

Residents and businesses in rural or underdeveloped areas commonly have no access to communications. Due to remote location, difficult terrain, hostile environment, or widely dispersed customers, laying copper or fiber macopper may not be a cost-effective solution to deliver connectivity. These customers need a flexible, reliable solution that can cost-effectively meet their communications needs now and in the future .