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Voice Service



Voice Service :

Developments in IP networking and the Internet have created the perfect environment where a telephony provider no longer has to rely on an old and cumbersome publicly switched telephone network (PSTN). With the capabilities presented by combining satellite technology with VoIP, providers have the freedom to provide their customers with unprecedented services. VoIP is rapidly becoming a viable alternative to standard wire bound land lines, and by allowing the mixing of voice with data, email, and other packetised traffic, VoIP is the logical successor to cumbersome land line technology. By treating voice as data, the wire-bound landline and the costly mobile phone have been left behind.

Low cost IP infrastructure has become a reality for customers when purchasing a connection to the Internet or simply expanding their private intranet. VoIP based telephony provides a cost-effective solution for customers with locations in several regions requiring connectivity back to their headquarters.


Guaranteed Voice :

Residents and businesses in rural areas commonly have no access to communications. Only their most basic requirements are met with antiquated rural radio service equipment or expensive and unreliable mobile coverage. These customers have requirements similar to those of their urban counterparts, these needs have not been met. Hampered by remote locations, difficult terrain, hostile environments, or widely dispersed customers, laying copper or fiber copper or fiber copper not be a cost-effective solution to deliver connectivity. These customers need a flexible, reliable solution that can meet their needs in a cost-effective manner.

Broadband fiber access allows users anywhere to bypass the need for last mile connectivity through landline connections without sacrificing the communications functionality. Fiber VoIP meets any customer requirements, from basic dial tone to advanced broadband network solutions.

MIC Prof has engineered its Fiber network to work with VoIP. No special hardware is required, just a Fiber Internet system and VoIP service provided by MIC Prof, and you have guaranteed reliability, anywhere.